By Faith, Not by Sight: Paul and the Order of Salvation

Gaffin Jr, Richard B

An in-depth and thoughtful exploration of the order of salvation in Paul’s Epistles. With wisdom and penetrating insight, this short book engages with the New Perspective on Paul patiently and sensibly. Second Edition has been revised throughout. Recommended for pastors and seminary students studying Pauline writings and the doctrine of salvation.

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Proponents of the “New Perspective” on Paul generally reject or minimize the concept of an ordo salutis (“order of salvation”) in his writings. Building on the biblical–theological groundwork of the Reformed tradition, Richard B. Gaffin Jr. explores Paul’s understanding of how individuals receive salvation. Gaffin clearly explains the central elements of Paul’s teaching by exploring Paul’s focus on Christ’s death and resurrection and the essence of his ordo salutis.

Includes a Foreword by Mark Jones

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