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Can we trust what the Gospels say about Jesus? (Booklet)

Errington, Andrew

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Jesus is an amazing man; he changed human history. But can you really know anything about him? Hasn't the Bible been changed over the centuries? Andrew Errington takes a careful and balanced look at some of the big questions surrounding the history of Jesus. This immensely readable booklet is full of evidence, challenges and surprising conclusions. For example, did you know that the authors of the Bible were biased, and that's precisely why you should read them?

Short enough to read quickly but long enough to tackle the big questions, this full-color, 32-page booklet deals with the origins of the gospel stories about Jesus; how they got to us today; and evidence for Jesus from outside the Bible. If you've ever wondered what the Bible actually is, or why it's worth reading, then this is for you.

» Introduction
» Where did the Gospels come from?
» What are the Gospels?
» What evidence is there?
» Conclusion: the trustworthiness of the Gospels
» Appendix: Other takes on Jesus

31 Pages
Published 2009

About the Author

Andrew Errington is married to Lauren and lives in the inner western suburbs of Sydney. At the time of publication he is studying theology, having completed a degree in Government at Sydney University and an MA in Early Christian and Jewish Studies from Macquarie University. His interest in history was raised when he became aware of his own ignorance about the historical nature of Jesus. He was spurred on to read broadly and do his MA because of the realization that "Jesus was a real person with a real context, having real interactions with people." He wrote this booklet because, in his experience, "many people, whether Christian or not, are deeply misinformed about the history of Jesus." Andrew's interests include good books, hiking, coffee, and surfing.

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