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Children and the Lord's Supper

Duncan, J. Ligon (Editor); Waters, Guy (Editor)

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"But let a man examine himself" is a phrase that we may have heard of from 1 Corinthians 11 where man is to ask himself if he is right and meet to come and partake in the Lord's supper. But another question that is often asked is at what age is it okay for a child to partake in the Lord's supper. This book takes a constructive look at the doctrine of paedo-communion as defined: "as the admittance of a covenant child to the Lord's Supper on the basis of his descent from at least one professing Christian parent." Looking at this doctrine, these essays will provide food for thought across the various disciplines such as Biblical, Theological, historical and pastoral. It will be a guide as you seek to explore this key pastoral issue.

Contributors include Joel R. Beeke, Ligon Duncan, Bryan D. Estelle, Iain M. Duguid, George W. Knight III, Nick Needham, Derek W. H. Thomas, Cornelis Venema, and Guy Prentiss Waters.

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