God-Centered Biblical Interpretation
God-Centered Biblical Interpretation
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  • 248 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : January 1999

God-Centered Biblical Interpretation

Poythress, Vern S.

What do you believe the Bible is? How do you know what it means? How can you know that it’s true? Solidly grounded in a Trinitarian perspective, this broadly comprehensible book crafts an approach to interpreting the bible that is consistent with its teaching and worldview. Poythress has provided the church with an intelligent, understandable tool for mining the truths of God’s word.
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Theologically and pastorally profound, this study of biblical hermeneutics builds on trinitarian presuppositions, while exposing the idols that lead interpretation astray. Poythress emphasizes the interpreter's spiritual qualifications along with linguistic principles.godcentered