Listen Up: Sunday School Curriculum
Listen Up: Sunday School Curriculum
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  • Publisher : New Growth Press

Listen Up: Sunday School Curriculum

Machowski, Marty

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Everyone, including children, loves a good story, and who better to tell those stories than Jesus? This curriculum and music album, based on Jesus’s parables, helps children to understand the gospel and the kingdom of God through Bible reading, discussion questions, object lessons, puppet skits, fun activities, and songs for families from the Listen Up music CD by Sovereign Grace Music. Also available for parents is the companion family devotional, Listen Up: Ten-Minute Family Devotions on the Parables, which will reinforce the truths learned at church as families go over them together at home. These resources make the surprising truths from Jesus’s parables relevant and alive for the next generation.

This twelve-week curriculum includes three learning levels—preschool–kindergarten (ages 4–6), lower elementary (ages 6–9), and upper elementary (ages 9–11)—and includes object lessons, crafts, and drama skits for each age group. Also included is a Bob Kauflin-produced music album, also entitled Listen Up, to reinforce the teaching in the curriculum.