Teaching Little Ones Vol. 1: First Steps (CD-ROM)
Teaching Little Ones Vol. 1: First Steps (CD-ROM)
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Teaching Little Ones Vol. 1: First Steps (CD-ROM)

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Product Description: What better time to start teaching children than when they are young? Paul reminds Timothy that he had the privilege of knowing the holy Scriptures "from infancy" (2 Tim 3:14-15).

Teaching Little Ones is a six-year syllabus of Sunday School lessons for young children by Stephanie Carmichael, author of Their God is so BIG. There is a great deal more information than we can fit on this product page at the Teaching Little Ones web page.

Recommended for Ages: 2-3
40 Lessons on CD-ROM

What's Included?
On each CD-ROM there's virtually everything you'll need for one year (that's 40 weeks) of lessons—including lesson plans, story scripts, action rhymes, prayers, activities and craft ideas. You won't have to worry about recurring licence fees or buying workbooks—once you have bought this CD, your church can use the lessons year after year. The material is provided in Adobe PDF format so you can distribute individual lessons to teachers via email, allowing them to prepare in advance and print off only the sheets they need.

About First Steps:
This syllabus is designed for two to three olds—children who are too young to join the Sunday school classes for older children, and yet are ready for more Christian input than they would get in the traditional church nursery.

The aim of First Steps is to teach these young children simple concepts as simply as possible—helping young children learn about God and develop a relationship with him at their level, knowing that God is great, that he made the world around them, and that he loves them. They are also introduced to Jesus in the Christmas story.

The ‘First Steps ’ syllabus will not suit every church, and those churches that use it may use it in different ways. For instance some churches may use it for a full year while others for the second half of the year.

You may notice some degree of repetition with the early units in ‘Learning about God’. This is intentional, as some churches may begin with Learning about God, without having used the ‘First Steps ’ lessons. On the other hand, the children in those churches which do use ‘First Steps ’, need to be taught simple concepts as simply as possible, and the slight repetition will be a positive, rather than a negative, to their learning.

We want to help young children learn about God so that they can develop a relationship with him at their level. We want, therefore, to help children to grow up knowing that God made the world around them and that he loves them. So when teaching this age group, it is helpful to begin with their world—God made me, my family and friends—and in teaching this to move from specifics (God made me) to generalities (God made everyone).


Unit 1: God made me
    1. God made my hands and feet
    2. God made my eyes and ears
    3. God made me | Sample Lesson
Unit 2: God made everyone
    1. God made my friends
    2. God made my family
    3. God made everyone
Unit 3: God made everything
    1. God made the flowers and trees
    2. God made food
    3. God made all the animals
    4. God made—revision
Unit 4: God loves me
    1. God loves me
    2. God always loves me
    3. God is with me all day and night
    4. God is always with me
    5. God loves me lots and lots—revision
Unit 5: God loves everyone
    1. God says that he loves us | Sample Lesson
    2. God loves my family
    3. God loves my friends
    4. God loves all the people I see
    5. God loves everyone
Unit 6: God is kind
    1. God gives us rain
    2. God gives us sunshine
    3. God gives us food
    4. God helps us to be happy
    5. God is kind—revision
Unit 7: God hears
    1. We can talk to God
    2. God hears us when we talk to him
    3. Thanking God
    4. God wants us to say sorry to him
    5. God hears—revision
Unit 8: God is great
    1. God is everywhere
    2. God made everything
    3. God can do anything
    4. God loves everyone
    5. God is very important
Unit 9: Christmas
    1. The Bible and Jesus
    2. Mary and Joseph
    3. Jesus is born
    4. Shepherds visit
    5. Wise men visit

About the Author

Stephanie Carmichael is a trained teacher with a long experience of Sunday Schools. Her seminars on Sunday School teaching and ministry to children have been enthusiastically received in venues across Sydney. She is married to Ian, and they live in Sydney with their children Lauren and Glen.