Haggai and Malachi (NICOT)
Haggai and Malachi (NICOT)
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Haggai and Malachi (NICOT)

Verhoef, Pieter A.

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This commentary by Pieter A. Verhoef offers a thorough exegesis and exposition of Haggai and Malachi — two important books of Scripture that, unfortunately, are little studied—and stresses the relevance of these prophets' messages in terms of continuity and discontinuity for the Christian church.

Verhoef's introduction to each book elucidates questions of authorship, style, text, structure, historical background, and message. Making extensive use of structural analysis, Verhoef argues convincingly for the authenticity, unity, and integrity of both books.

Verhoef also brings his knowledge of the ancient Near East, the Old Testament, and biblical scholarship to bear in the commentary proper, and he displays theological acumen and pastoral sensitivity in tailoring his exposition for the student and pastor as well as for the scholar.