Confessing the Faith: A Reader's Guide to the Westminster Confession of Faith

Van Dixhoorn, Chad

Discover the historic truth of the Westminster Confession in this remarkably easy to understand, comprehensive resource. From one of the premier scholars of the Westminster Assembly, this thought-provoking reader’s guide was written with students in mind, as well as personal or family study. We especially recommended it for use in discussion groups.

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In Confessing the Faith, Chad Van Dixhoorn offers a fresh look at a classic statement of the Reformed faith. The Westminster Confession of Faith finds itself in the first rank of great Christian creeds. Presbyterian and Reformed churches employ its doctrine for instruction; others acknowledge few texts to be so useful in the Christian’s quest to glorify and enjoy God.

This accessible, biblical, and thoughtful work digests years of study and teaching into bite-sized sections. Van Dixhoorn’s work is historical and practical in its focus. It deliberately presents readers with more than another survey of Reformed theology; it offers a guide to a particular text, considers its original proof-texts, and seeks to deepen our understanding of each paragraph of the Confession.

Challenging hearts and minds, Confessing the Faith hopes to edify and instruct both advanced and general audiences, as the authors of the Confession of Faith surely hoped their magnum opus would do.

Includes a Foreword by Carl R. Trueman

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