Covenant Theology: Key of Theology in Reformed Thought and Tradition

Golding, Peter

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"The doctrine of the covenants is the key of theology." (C.H. Spurgeon)

The world has difficulty understanding where the church is coming from. There seems to be an inconsistency of message and a lack of confidence in the message she proclaims. So the Church is irrelevant to vast crowds of people - all of who need to hear its message. How do we give out that message? God has given us his word, the Bible, as guidance and we can unlock it for our generation with the help of this book.

The lack of a consistent approach to the study of the Bible has reduced the level of understanding of God's revelation as a whole. The 'lazyology' that has resulted is a key ingredient in the development of disunity in the church. This lack of clarity has made the church 'off-message' to our society.

'But Covenant Theology sounds so difficult' you say!

Fortunately help is at hand (literally if you are reading this in a bookshop). Peter Golding gently takes us on a trip through time and unfolds the Big Picture that is Covenantal Theology.

The Big Picture that gives you a vision of a Bigger God.

If your God is too small, or if your grasp of theology is shaky, then an understanding of Covenantal Theology will make your understanding clearer, your message deeper and the impact of the church's mission greater.

The Bible will come together as a cohesive 'whole'.

240 Pages
Published September 2008

About the Author

Peter Golding trained at London Bible College and was Pastor at Hayes Town Chapel for 32 years. He was awarded PhD by Greenwich School of Theology for a thesis on Covenant Theology. He has served on the Board of Governors at the London Theological Seminary since 1984. He is married to Hilary and is engaged in a ministry of itinerant preaching and writing.

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