Death of Death in the Death of Christ: Why Christ Saves All for Whom He Died

Owen, John

Glimpse just how deep and far the blood of our Savior reaches. In this masterful defense of the glory of Christ, the honor of the Spirit and the integrity of the Trinity, Owen presents a vital argument for the efficacy of Jesus’ atonement. This unabridged edition has been newly typeset and reformatted to make this notoriously challenging work accessible to 21st Century readers.

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Death of Death in the Death of Christ was John Owen's first masterpiece. Written from seven years of studying and reflection by one of the greatest minds in theological history, its exploration into the Scriptural perspective on the doctrine of universal redemption is yet to be answered or paralleled.

This is the original text with a new layout. It is fully subtitled which makes it more accessible to a new generation of readers.

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