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The Devil's Redemption: A New History and Interpretation of Christian Universalism (2 Volumes)

McClymond, Michael J.

“How much, theologically speaking, is at stake in the debate on universalism? The answer is: everything.” This two-volume tour de force is a definitive history and analysis of universalism. Perhaps more importantly, it provides an invaluable point of reference for each Christian and Pastor who will undoubtedly come to grips with the question of universal salvation.

Product Description

Will all evil finally turn to good, or does some evil remain stubbornly opposed to God and God's goodness? Will even the devil be redeemed? Addressing a theological issue of perennial interest, this comprehensive book (in two volumes) surveys the history of Christian universalism from the second to the twenty-first century and offers an interpretation of how and why universalist belief arose. The author explores what the church has taught about universal salvation and hell and critiques universalism from a biblical, philosophical, and theological standpoint. He shows that the effort to extend grace to everyone undermines the principle of grace for anyone.

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