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Dispatches from the Front (5 DVD Set, 6-10)

Frontline Missions International

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Believers everywhere desperately need a renewed vision of Christ and the unstoppable advance of His saving work in all the earth. Our view of God’s Kingdom is often too small and limited to what we have experienced. Dispatches from the Front highlights the marvelous extent, diversity, and unity of Christ’s Kingdom in our world. The journal format of each episode underscores the daily unfolding of God’s activity on the “frontlines,” bringing viewers up-close with sights and sounds from distant corners of the Kingdom.

Our prayer is that Dispatches will magnify our God. It will unite our hearts with our brothers and sisters in different parts of the world. It will awaken us out of our comfortable Christianity. It will expand our vision of the King and His powerful Gospel.

Run time: 5 hours, 35 minutes (5 DVDs)

Titles Included in This Set

Episode 6:
The Power of His Rising

South Asia

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Episode 7:
Day of Battle

North Africa

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Episode 8:
No Regrets, No Retreat


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Episode 9:
Every Tribe

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

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Episode 10:
Fourth Man

The Middle East

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About the Makers:

Tim Keesee is the executive director of the Dispatches from the Front series. For the past twenty years, Tim has reported on the Church in the world’s difficult places, from the former Iron Curtain countries to war-torn Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. His journaling is the basis for the unfolding narrative of the Dispatches series.

Peter Hansen is the executive producer of the Dispatches from the Front series. As an independent video producer, Pete operates Hansen Production Studios. Before that, he worked for a PBS affiliate in St. Louis and later for Jackson Marketing Group. The Dispatches series originated from an idea he had while reading Tim’s journals published in a missions newsletter to put his narrative to video.

Brannon McAllister is the art director of the Dispatches from the Front series. Brannon works as a designer and startup entrepreneur in New York City, where he lives with his wife Melissa.

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