Don't Waste Your Life: Fourteen Sessions with John Piper (Teaching DVD)

A passionate plea for living a Great Commission lifestyle no matter who or where you are. In this earnest and inspiring read Piper encourages us to the kind of radical living that should be ordinary for Christians.

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Product Description

In this fourteen-session, triple-DVD set, John Piper instructs conference organizers, small groups, churches, and classes in the essentials of making one's life count for eternity.

For many people, the ideal life is summed up in the American dream: College. Job. Marriage. House. Kids. Comfortable income. Cushy retirement. But God has designed us for far more than this. Rather than wasting life on lesser pursuits, the members of a conference event, church, ministry, or small group can, with this high-impact resource, awaken to the soul-saving reality that "to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

Each component of this triple-DVD set features John Piper speaking directly to viewers:

  • Disc 1: Book Study Edition DVD with ten 15-minute teaching sessions;
  • Discs 2-3: Don't Waste Your Life Conference Edition DVDs with four new, hour-long messages.

The Conference Edition discs allow organizers to conduct their own Don't Waste Your Life event or class, while the Book Study disk is designed for a guided group setting and works in tandem with the Don't Waste Your Life Group Study materials.

Each presentation maximizes Piper's life-changing, biblical message. Use this valuable tool to guide any gathering of believers to treasure Christ above all.

3 Discs
Ten 15-minutes Sessions

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