Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture: Bridging Teen Worldviews and Christian Truth

Walt Mueller

Acquire the tools to lead teenagers toward Christ. Taking inspiration from Paul’s ministry in Athens, Mueller encourages parents and pastors to listen and understand before engaging in the cross-cultural nature of youth ministry. The product of painstaking cultural analysis and research, this accessible resource offers rewarding insight into the youth mindset and post-modernity in general.

Product Description

Before we can reach today's youth with the turth of the gospel, we need to see what they see and hear what they hear. We need to catch the messages encrypted in their culture and understand what's really being communicated.

In Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture Walt Mueller, founder and president of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, helps us to navigate the troubling and confusing terrain of teen worldviews so that we can effectively and compassionately pass along good news: our God is their God, our Savior can be their Savior.

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