Family Religion: Principles for Raising a Godly Family

Henry, Matthew

Product Description

You are a Christian - but how do you look after your family?

Matthew Henry is one of the best known of our spiritual ancestors. His Commentary on the whole Bible is still a staple book for those seeking understanding of God's word to the world. Henry recognised that the future of the church was in the home where the Holy Spirit could direct and mature believers. A spiritual home would help grow the church and enable the community to live peaceably. In this collection of his writings on family life, Henry expounds good sense and gives us better patterns for our devotional, practical and spiritual needs.

Key Sections:

  • What, why and how to structure family devotions
  • How to catechise children
  • Jesus' attitude towards children
  • The necessity, nature, efficacy and improvement of baptism.

287 Pages
Published: July 2008

Endorsements for Family Religion

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