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Five Cities that Ruled the World: How Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York Shaped Global History (Paperback)

Wilson, Douglas

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Product Description

: The gripping and illuminative story of how five cities-Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York-shaped the course of global history.

History unfolds in a wide tapestry, but some patterns and threads stand out from the others for their brilliance and importance in the bigger picture. Five Cities that Ruled the World examines how and why a handful of cities-Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York-emerged in their respective times of influence to dominate the world stage, directing wealth and power, influencing faith and belief, commanding fear and allegiance, provoking wars and conquests, and shaping the world we live in today. Profiling their leaders, exploring their philosophies, following their armies into war, riding their merchant ships to ports of commerce, and watching as one eclipses the others, Douglas Wilson broadens our understanding and appreciation of these cities with piercing insights, curious details, and entertaining stories.

304 Pages
Published November 2009

About the Author:

Douglas Wilson is a senior fellow of theology at New Saint Andrews College. He has taught both ethics and logic elsewhere at the college level. Editor of Credenda/Agenda, a small cultural journal known for its humorous and satirical flavour, Wilson is also the author of numerous books on education, theology, and culture, including: The Case for Classical Christian Education, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Mother Kirk, and Angels in the Architecture, as well as biographies on both Anne Bradstreet and John Knox.

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