Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation: Six Volumes in One

Silva, Moisés

An insightful and reliable hermeneutical resource for the seminary student and the pastor. Bringing together six separate books by Moises Silva, Tremper Longman, V. Philips Long, Vern Poythress and Richard A. Muller, this volume forms a far-reaching summary of hermeneutics. Addresses the engagement of biblical interpretation with literary criticism, linguistics, history, science and theology.

Product Description

Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation seeks to identify and clarify the basic problems of interpretation that affect our reading of the Bible today. This unique volume provides a comprehensive and systematic coverage of the field of general hermeneutics.

Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation examines the impact of specific academic disciplines on the interpretation of the Bible. Previously published as separate volumes, its various sections explore the interface between hermeneutics and literary criticism, linguistics, history, science, and theology.

Included in Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation, each with its own separate table of contents, are:

  • Has the Church Misread the Bible? -- Moisés Silva
  • Literary Approaches to Biblical Interpretation -- Tremper Longman III
  • God, Language, and Scripture -- Moisés Silva
  • The Art of Biblical History -- V. Philips Long
  • Science and Hermeneutics -- Vern S. Poythress
  • The Study of Theology -- Richard A. Muller.

These six sections cover the interface between hermeneutics and the major disciplines.

Printed on acid-free paper

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