From Creation to New Creation: Biblical Theology and Exegesis (Essays in Honor of G. K. Beale)

Gurtner, Daniel M., (ed.); Gladd, Benjamin L., (ed.)

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In this illuminating festschrift, sixteen well-known evangelical scholars celebrate the work of a man who has greatly contributed to Evangelical biblical scholarship as we know it today.

G. K. Beale is renowned for his studies that explore how the writers of the New Testament used the Old Testament Scriptures in their letters, Gospels, narrative, and apocalypse. These collected essays, written by both colleagues and former students, reveal the immense appreciation that he has garnered among scholars and exegetes of all kinds.


  • Richard J. Bauckham
  • Christopher A. Beetham
  • Daniel I. Block
  • C. Hassell Bullock
  • D. A. Carson
  • Roy E. Ciampa
  • John D. Currid
  • Benjamin L. Gladd
  • Daniel M. Gurtner
  • Gordon P. Hugenberger
  • L. K. Larson
  • Douglas J. Moo
  • Nicholas Perrin
  • Rikk E. Watts
  • David F. Wells
  • Joel R. White

Includes a Foreword by David F. Wells

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