God in the Wasteland: The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams

Wells, David F.

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Here is the much-anticipated sequel to David F. Wells' widely praised book No Place for Truth, which garnered multiple “Book of the Year” awards from Christianity Today.

Building on the trenchant cultural and religious analyses of evangelical Protestantism set forth in his first volume, Wells argues in God in the Wasteland that the church is now enfeebled because it has lost its sense of God's sovereignty and holiness. God, says Wells, has become weightless. He has lost the power to shape the church's character, outlook, and practice.

By looking afresh at the way God's transcendence and immanence have been taken captive by modern appetites, Wells is able to argue for a reform of the evangelical world—a reform without which evangelical faith will be lost—and develop a powerful biblical antidote to the modernity which has invaded the church.

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