His Blood Works: The Meaning of the Word Blood in Scripture

Stibbs, Alan

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Did you know that the blood of Christ is mentioned more times in the New Testament than the cross or even the death of Christ? But what is the significance of this fact? What does it tell us about the sacrifice of Christ and how does this emphasis on his blood help us in understanding the finished work of Christ on the cross? Alan Stibbs dispels any misconceptions that people may have about Jesus blood and its work by examining the Old and New Testament. The author gives us the Biblical understanding of the meaning of the blood which equates to the purposeful and effective laying down of a life. We will find that indeed His Blood Works!

64 Pages
Published September 2011

About the Author

Alan Stibbs (1901-1971) preaching & teaching led him to the staff of Oakhill Theological College and he became known as a Bible expositor and preacher in demand for evangelical conferences and conventions.

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