In Defense of the Bible: A Comprehensive Apologetic for the Authority of Scripture

Wilder, Terry L; Cowan, Steven B

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In Defense of the Bible is a comprehensive apologetic for the divine inspiration and authority of Scripture, featuring essays that tackle all major contemporary challenges: philosophical, methodological, textual, historical, ethical, scientific, and theological.

The book begins by looking at philosophical and methodological challenges to the Bible—questions about whether or not it is logically possible for God to communicate verbally with human beings; what it means to say the Bible is true in response to postmodern concerns about the nature of truth; defending the clarity of Scripture against historical skepticism and relativism.

Contributors also explore textual and historical challenges—charges made by Muslims, Mormons, and skeptics that the Bible has been corrupted beyond repair; questions about the authorship of certain biblical books; allegations that the Bible borrows from pagan myths; the historical reliability of the Old and New Testaments.

Final chapters take on ethical, scientific, and theological challenges—demonstrating the Bible's moral integrity regarding the topics of slavery and sexism; harmonizing exegetical and theological conclusions with the findings of science; addressing accusations that the Christian canon is the result of political and theological manipulation; ultimately defending the Bible as not simply historically reliable and consistent, but in fact the Word of God.


Paul W. Barnett, Craig A. Blaising, Douglas K. Blount, Darrell L. Bock, Paul Copan Steven B. Cowan, William A. Dembski, Matthew Flannagan, R. Douglas Geivett, James M. Hamilton, Douglas S. Huffman, Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Richard R. Melick Jr., Charles L. Quarles, Mary Jo Sharp, Daniel B. Wallace, Paul D. Wegner, Terry L. Wilder

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