In the Splendor of Holiness: Rediscovering the Beauty of Reformed Worship for the 21st Century

Payne, Jon D.

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"A Gem . . . It deserves to be in every Christian home."
- Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas

In the Splendor of Holiness is a book that takes us by the hand and leads us back to the basics of biblical worship. A useful resource for personal study, small groups, Sunday school and new member classes, this study encourages the recovery of worship that is unashamedly God-centered and manifestly Scriptural. Rediscover the beauty of Reformed worship for the 21st Century.

Jon Payne deftly guides readers through the various parts of the worship service and explains not simply why these activities constitute Reformed worship. He also carefully delineates why Presbyterians worship the way they do. In so doing, Payne provides a clear, convincing and edifying account of historic Reformed worship. Here Christians will find great assistance for the most significant part of each week. - Dr. Darryl G. Hart; from the Foreword

120 Pages
Published October 2008

About the Author

Jon D. Payne is a graduate of Clemson University, Reformed Theological Seminary and the University of Edinburgh, New College. Since 2003, he has served as minister of Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Douglasville, Georgia. He is also the author of John Owen on the Lord's Supper (Banner of Truth, 2004).

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