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Incarnation and Sacrament: The Eucharistic Controversy between Charles Hodge and John Williamson Nevin

Bonomo, Jonathan G.

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The nineteenth century Eucharistic controversy between Charles Hodge and John Williamson Nevin is an important episode in the history of American Christianity. Hodge and Nevin battled over issues that lie at the heart of Christian faith and piety, such as: Why did God become man? What bearing does the incarnation of Christ have on the redemption of the world? How are believers on earth united with the ascended Christ who is in heaven? Is Christ really present in the Lord's Supper? And if so, then how is he made to be present? These are just a few of the age-old questions that Charles Hodge and John W. Nevin sought to answer, and over which they came to vigorously contend. Incarnation and Sacrament provides an in-depth historical and theological analysis and assessment of the controversy that arose between these two great nineteenth century American theologians. By doing so, it aims to provide some illumination on the theological heritage of the Protestant churches in the United States of the twenty-first century.

154 Pages
Published March 2010

About the Author

Jonathan G. Bonomo is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University (Biblical Studies) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Church History). He is currently pursuing further studies at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia (M.Div.), while serving as an intern at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

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