Conflict: A Redemptive Opportunity (5 Pack) INACTIVE (CCEF Booklet)

Lane, Timothy S.

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Everyone has their own style of dealing with conflict. Some people try to win at all costs and will do or say anything to get their own way. Others hate conflict and will do or say anything to avoid or end it. Sadly, neither fighting nor avoidance leads to genuine peace or restored relationships. Is there a better way?

Timothy S. Lane, pastor, counselor, husband, and father, shares the biblical principles that point to God's better way of dealing with conflict. When you understand the real source of your conflicts and the lasting cure that God in his Word offers, you will see that your conflicts don't have to be negative; instead they can be an opportunity to grow and deepen your relationship with God and others.

26 Pages
Published: July 2008

About the Author

Timothy S. Lane, M.Div., D. Min. Tim is executive director and faculty member at CCEF and has been counseling for almost 20 years. He has Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary where he is also an associate professor of practical theology. Tim has experience in both campus and pastoral ministry, including serving as a pastor for ten years. He is the co-author of CCEF's Transformation Series Curriculum, How People Change, and Relationships - A Mess Worth Making. Tim and his wife, Barbara, have two daughters and two sons. When time allows, he enjoys listening to music - especially Bob Dylan! Areas of interest/experience: Marriage, relationships, the local church and leaders in ministry./p>

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