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Inerrancy and Hermeneutic (Paperback Reprint)

Conn, Harvie

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Recommended by Stephen S. Taylor of Westminster Theological Seminary. See all of Professor Taylor's recommendations.

A Westminster Bookstore staff pick, recommended by Assistant Manager Mark. Mark says, "Inerrancy and Herneneutic represents the collective wisdom of the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in 1988 on the topics central to the most important theological controversies of the past century: What is the Bible and how do we interpret it? These questions are no less controversial today, and this compendium serves as a model of irenic conversation still of value to the present church." See all of Mark's picks.

  1. A Historical Prologue: Inerrancy, Hermenuentic, and Westminster - Harvie M. Conn
  2. Inerrancy and Westminster Calvinism - D. Clair Davis
  3. How Does the Bible Look at Itself? - Sinclair B. Ferguson
  4. Old Princeton, Westminster, and Inerrancy - Moises Silva
  5. What Does God Say Through Human Authors? - Vern Sheridan Poythress
  6. The New Testament's Use of the Old Testament - Dan G. McCartney
  7. Oral Tradition - Bruce K. Waltke
  8. Storytellers and Poets in the Bible: Can Literary Artifice Be True? - Tremper Longman III
  9. Harmonization: A Help and a Hindrance - Raymond B. Dillard
  10. The New Testament as Canon - Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.
  11. Normativity, Relevance, and Relativism - Harvie M. Conn
  12. The Use of the Bible in Ethics - David Clowney
  13. Bible Authority: When Christians Do Not Agree - George C. Fuller and Samuel T. Logan, Jr.
  14. Evangelicals and the Bible: A Bibliographic Postscript - John R. Muether

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