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John Knox (Bitesize Biographies)

Murray, John J.

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As well as modelling the Church in Scotland, Knox laid the foundation of an extraordinary forward-looking new state, way ahead of the time in such matters as education, social welfare and democracy. The Reformation had its effect in all spheres of national life. Knox roused the common man to a sense of his true dignity. He said: 'Before God all men are equal. In matters of religion God requires no less of the subject, be he ever so poor, than of the prince and the rich man.'

Educationally the Reformation gave a great impetus to literacy as the common people learned to read the Bible for themselves. Knox brought forward the first comprehensive scheme of national education, where every parish would have a schoolmaster and every notable town a college, and where the children of the poor would have their education free. The importance of education became a basic characteristic of the Scots both at home and abroad.

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Published January 2012

About the Author

John J. Murray was educated at Edinburgh University and the Free Church of Scotland College. He joined the editorial staff of the Banner of Truth Trust in 1960, and is presently an assistant editor of the Banner of Truth magazine. He was ordained to the pastoral ministry in 1978 and ministered to congregations in Oban and Edinburgh, Scotland, until his retirement in 2002. He was elected moderator of the 2003 General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). For many years he was involved in the work of the Reformation Translation Fellowship, providing Reformed literature in the Chinese language. He is the author and editor of John Marshall: Life and Writings, and has also written Behind a Frowning Providence, and Catch the Vision: The Roots of the Reformed Recovery. He is married and the father of three children.

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