Jonathan Edwards: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought

Nichols, Stephen J.

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Product Description

This book is arguably the best introduction to the life and thought of Jonathan Edwards ever published. The book is divided into four sections detailing Edwards' life, revival and church life, theology and philosophy, and sermons. Especially insightful is Nichols' recognition of Edwards as a precursor of the redemptive-historical approach to Scripture that is exemplified in Edwards' History of the Work of Redemption. The author's summary of Freedom of the Will should make that work useful to a new generation of readers. Nichols also helps to bring into focus Edwards' use of the sermon as a theological venue and primary means for proclaiming the gospel. Nichols selects three sermons (including "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God") to illustrate Edwards' use of the Puritan or "plain style" sermon, which included an exposition of a given Scripture passage, a discussion of the pertinent doctrine to be gleaned from the passage, and an elaboration of the practical application of the passage. Nichols reminds us that Edwards was equally at home in the study and in the pulpit, amongst theologians and philosophers, New Englanders and Indians. Much of current scholarship categorizes Edwards as either a theologian or a philosopher, or a pastor or scientist. The author helpfully brings all these threads together to weave a beautiful tapestry that brings glory to God, the only proper end for all of creation. This is a fine contribution to the ever-increasing body of literature on Jonathan Edwards. - Jeff Waddington - Westminster Bookstore Staff

Publisher Review:

Jonathan Edwards, a leader in the Great Awakening during the eighteenth century, still has much to teach the church. Evangelicals are rediscovering him through the efforts of several authors (John Gerstner, Iain Murray, Harry Stout, and others) and publishers (Banner of Truth, Soli Deo Gloria, and Crossway). Stephen Nichols offers Jonathan Edwards "as an introduction, a gateway into the vast and rewarding life, thought, and writings of Jonathan Edwards." He intends it for anyone who wants to read Edwards but who needs a little help.

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