Judgments: Rash or Righteous (Resources for Biblical Living)

Priolo, Lou

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After reviewing when it is and isn't lawful for believers to make judgments, the booklet identifies eight different forms of rash judgments and then offers nine guidelines for replacing snap judgments with righteous judgments.

32 Pages
Published May 2009

About the Author

Lou Priolo is the director of the Center of biblical Counseling at Eastwood Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama. He is a graduate of Calvary Bible College and Liberty University. Lou has been a full-time biblical counselor and instructor for twenty years and is a fellow of the National Association of Nouthetic counselors. He lives in Wetumpka, Alabama, with his wife Kim and his daughters Sophie and Gabrielle.

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The Resources for Biblical Living booklet series addresses a wide range of practical life issues in a straightforward, down-to-earth, and most of all, biblical manner.

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