Justification: Understanding the Classic Reformed Doctrine

Fesko, John v.

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A comprehensive restatement of the classic reformed doctrine of justification by faith alone. This book explains the doctrine in terms of the ordo and historia salutis, as well as in the light of recent challenges.

  • A comprehensive defense of justification by faith alone
  • Treats several theological traditions and current exegetical, theological, and ecumenical debates
  • Includes discussion of the covenant of works, union with Christ, the New Perspective on Paul, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Roman Catholicism
  • Reflects a pastor-scholar’s sensitivity to the important issues

480 Pages
Published September 2008

About the Author

J. V. Fesko (MA, PhD) is an adjunct professor of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta. He is also the pastor at Geneva OPC in Woodstock, Georgia.

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