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Leading In Worship

Johnson, Terry L.

Is there such a thing as “reformed worship?” If so, what does it look like? Borne out of the conviction that the answer to this question has far reaching implications for the reformed church, this resource compiles scriptural and historical sources as well as traditional liturgies to present a form of worship that has distinct origins in reformation theology. Second Edition updated throughout.

Product Description

Having become disillusioned with the shallowness, incoherence, and mancenteredness of mainstream contemporary Christian worship, a growing number of ministers and laypeople within the Protestant Church are beginning to recover the biblical roots of traditional Reformed worship. If you count yourself among this number, Leading in Worship was compiled for you.

Here is a rich profusion of liturgical material carefully selected from the various directories and prayer books published during the heyday of the Protestant Reformation and compiled into a robust liturgical directory with adaptable forms of worship appropriate for every occasion.

But this is more than just a directory of worship. Editor Terry Johnson also explains the importance and purpose of the different services, outlining the biblical foundations for the varied worship practices of the Reformers. Created for ministers, this book also edifies and encourages congregants by providing a biblical rationale for liturgical forms. Leading in Worship is a practical handbook of utmost importance to the modern reformation.

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