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Let the Nations Be Glad!: The Supremacy of God in Missions (3rd Edition)

Piper, John

Fueled by worship, passionate for the glory of Christ; until his return missions will characterize the health of the church. Suggesting that the need for sound doctrine in the mission field is pervasive and more urgent than ever, Piper forcefully confronts the notion that the sun has set on the day of western missions. Third Edition updated and revised with material on prosperity gospel.

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Listen to a sermon by John Piper on Psalm 67 entitled Let the Nations Be Glad.
Source: Desiring God

This new edition of a bestselling textbook (over 185,000 copies sold) draws on key biblical texts to demonstrate that worship is the ultimate goal of the church and that proper worship fuels missionary outreach. John Piper offers a biblical defense of God's supremacy in all things, providing readers with a sound theological foundation for missions. He examines whether Jesus is the only way to salvation and issues a passionate plea for God-centeredness in the missionary enterprise, seeking to define the scope of the task and the means for reaching "all nations."

The third edition has been revised and expanded throughout and includes new material on the prosperity gospel. The book is essential reading for those involved in or preparing for missions work. It also offers enlightenment for college and seminary students, pastors, youth workers, campus ministers, and all who want to connect their labors to God's global purposes.

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