Living the Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing

Mahaney, C. J.

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Have the extremities taken over and left the core of your faith forgotten? Do you get confused by what you feel versus what is real? Let dynamic pastor C. J. Mahaney strip away the nonessentials and bring you back to the simplest, most fundamental reason for your faith: Jesus Christ. This book is packed with powerful truth that will grip your heart, clear your mind, and invigorate your soul. Chapters include "Breaking the Rules of Legalism," "The Cross Centered Day," and "Assurance and Joy." Get ready to behold a breathtaking view of what God intends to accomplish in and through you every day. You—ll discover how embracing this cross centered life is both our highest privilege and greatest responsibility.

Important Note: Living the Cross Centered Life combines C. J. Mahaney favorites The Cross Centered Life and Christ Our Mediator with new material.

176 Pages
Published January 2006

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About the Author

C. J. Mahaney is the president of Sovereign Grace Ministries. He is the author and editor of numerous books, including Worldliness and Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God. Mahaney has been a life-long fan of University of Maryland basketball.

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