New Testament Deacon: The Church's Minister of Mercy

Strauch, Alexander

Rediscover, construct and execute a New Testament diaconal ministry. Confidently housed in the sufficiency of scripture, this widely influential work calls for a return to the scriptural model of the diaconate. Through exposition of key biblical texts, Strauch lays out an inspiring vision for those charged with showing the gospel to the poor and suffering.

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Christians today need to understand the vital importance of New Testament deacons to the local church so that the needy, poor and suffering of our churches are cared for in a thoroughly Christian manner. This is a matter dear to the heart of God. The New Testament Deacon is the clearest and most thorough book written on deacons from a New Testament perspective. It is a fresh, ground-breaking study expounding all the New Testament texts on deacons. It's a helpful guide for church leaders who desire to better understand the unique ministry of deacons in the body of Christ.

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