O Death, Where is Thy Sting? Collected Sermons of John Murray

Murray, John

Revive your reverence and affection for the proclamation of God’s Word with sermons of comfort and conviction by John Murray. Filled with wonder at the majesty and mystery of the Creator, Murray’s sermons are characterized by precise theological thought, and a passion for the application of the gospel to all of life. Edifying and devotional readings for students of God’s Word.

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“There is a rich, spiritual meal awaiting you in the following pages of Murray’s sermons. It comes from one who spent his life devouring the God-breathed Scriptures in order to feed the sheep of Christ. Every word preached by Murray has its founda- tion in the Word inspired by God’s Spirit. A proper reading of these sermons will, if Murray’s desire becomes yours, contribute to a life of holiness that has its foundation in the Reformed the- ology of Scripture. Take, read, and meditate on these sermons. Reformed theology preached is unsurpassed as a catalyst to the worship of the one true and triune God.” K. Scott Oliphint, from the introduction.

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