Old Story New: Ten–Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family To God

Machowski, Marty

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Westminster Bookstore Note: This book contains cartoon or artistic images of Jesus. There are many people in our constituency who, in a sincere effort to honor the second commandment, refrain from the use of any kind of drawings or pictures of Jesus, even if not intended for a worship context. Out of respect for those who take this position, we have sought to add a note to books in our children’s category which have drawings or depictions of Jesus so that they can factor that into their buying decisions, as they would if they could inspect the books physically.

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Easy–to–Use Devotional Helps Parents Share the Living Gospel Story!
Old Story New makes it easy for parents to stay on the life–giving course of sharing the gospel with their family. This second volume in Marty Machowski’s family devotional series, Old Story New continues the gospel story begun in the Old Testament devotional, Long Story Short. Using the same effective ten–minute–a–day structure, it connects children to living gospel truth through 78 New Testament stories. Simple discussion questions (and answers) for each day’s devotion help children understand and connect the story of salvation with their own lives. Old Story New, part of the Gospel Story for Kids program (gospelstoryforkids.com), is suitable for children from preschool through high school.

Includes a Foreword by Tedd Tripp

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