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One Enduring Story: A Basic Guide to Safely Navigating the Biblical Terrain

Morgan, Christopher M

Let the Bible explain itself to you. Aiming to transform misconceptions about the nature of Biblical narrative, this brief read merges scriptural themes into one understandable narrative. This concise introductory reference to the big picture of God’s word is meant to “quench your thirst, not burn you out.”

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Christians profess to be "people of the Book"-we have identified ourselves by our association to the text that we declare is God's Word. But so many study guides, commentaries, and scholars seem to make the whole thing confusing. Can we understand our Bibles? Do the parts relate to one another? Can we understand it as a cohesive whole with a single message for all readers? Yes, the parts do relate to each other; yes, there is a single message. Yes-you CAN understand your Bible! In One enduring Story, Christopher Morgan offers a guide for understanding your Bibles by letting the message of the text be interpreted by itself. In letting the Bible explain itself to you, and through seeing the unifying theme that is found throughout the whole of Scripture, you can understand your Bible. Come learn about this one idea-this One Story-that will show you the depths of what the Bible means.

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