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One to One Bible Reading: A Simple Guide for Every Christian

Helm, David

Salvation. Faith. Holiness. Spiritual fitness. Lasting relationships. Each is the result of constant exposure to the word of God. This straightforward, simple framework for effective disciple-making is easy to implement and fundamentally scriptural. For use with unbelievers, new believers, as well as Christians who may be ready to move into leadership.

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Imagine if there was a way that people could grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ—a way that returned gospel growth to the everyday fabric of personal relationship, rather than relying on church-run programs. That guided people in a deeper, more meaningful way than an event, program or class could possibly do—guided on an individual basis by someone who cared for them personally.

What is this way? What is this activity that is so simple and so universal that it meets the discipleship needs of very different people at very different stages of discipleship, even non-Christians?

We call it reading the Bible one-to-one.

But what exactly is reading the Bible one-to-one? Why should we do it? Who is it for?

In One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian, David Helm answers these important questions.

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