One Year of Dinner Table Devotions and Discussion Starters

Guthrie, Nancy

Devour and digest the word of God as a family on a daily basis. Getting the family together to focus on scripture can be a monumental challenge, but it’s not impossible. Written by a busy mom, this devotional is tailored to the demanding schedule and unique distractions of a modern family. Designed to foster interaction and participation from the whole family in every age range.

Product Description

Getting the kids to turn off the TV and video games is challenge enough—let alone gathering as a family to read and discuss the Bible! One Year of Dinner Table Devotions & Discussion Starters helps families start where they are already gathered together on a daily basis—around the dinner table. As the meal comes to a close, family members can take turns turning to the dinner-table devotion for that day, designed to be done together as a family in 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a meaningful daily discussion in which every family member can participate, drawing the whole family closer to God . . . and each other.

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