The Pastor's Family: Shepherding Your Family Through the Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

Croft, Brian; Croft, Cara

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Listen to a sermon by Brian Croft entitled Shepherding Your Family.
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You Have Been Called to Pastor a Church; Don't Forget Your Calling as a Husband and Father

Today, while many pastors are busy serving their church, their responsibilities as a husband and father are neglected and forgotten. Family relationships suffer. Marriages struggle. Children grow up resenting the church. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Featuring insights from the perspective of both a pastor and his wife—The Pastor’s Family identifies the complicated burdens and expectations that ministry brings to the life of a family and offers hope for struggling families that is rooted in the good news of the gospel. Pastor Brian Croft and his wife, Cara, offer practical advice on raising children in a ministry family, highlighting the thrill of serving together and the wonderful opportunities pastors have to train their children and lead their families.

With discussion questions for use by couples and pastoral reading groups, this book is ideal for pastors and their spouses, pastoral ministry students and their wives, as well as elders, deacons, and others who wish to remain faithful to the care of their families while diligently fulfilling their calling in ministry. The Pastor’s Family equips pastors with time-tested wisdom to address the tension of family and congregational dynamics while persevering in their calling.

Includes a Foreword by Thabiti & Kristie Anyabwile

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