A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World (2nd Edition)

Miller, Paul E.

Struggling to pray? Paul Miller offers biblical insights and relatable examples to help you achieve greater intimacy with God in a distracting world. Going beyond a how-to of prayer, Miller encourages us to see prayer as an integral part of living each day in relationship with the Father rather than an isolated activity. 2017 Edition revised and updated throughout.

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Product Description

More than 300,000 copies sold!
"This book will be like having the breath of God at your back. Let it lift you to new hope." –Dan B. Allender, PhD, author of Bold Love

This new edition includes an expanded chapter on using the practical "prayer cards"—a hallmark of the teaching found in A Praying Life—and a chapter on the need and use of prayers of lament.

Prayer is so hard that unless circumstances demand it—an illness, or saying grace at a meal—most of us simply do not pray. We prize accomplishments and productivity over time in prayer. Even Christians experience this prayerlessness—a kind of practical unbelief that leaves us marked by fear, anxiety, joylessness, and spiritual lethargy.

Prayer is all about relationship. Based on the popular seminar by the same name, A Praying Life has discipled thousands of Christians to a vibrant prayer life full of joy and power. When Jesus describes the intimacy He seeks with us, He talks about joining us for dinner (Revelation 3:20). A Praying Life feels like having dinner with good friends. It is the way we experience and connect to God. In A Praying Life, author Paul Miller lays out a pattern for living in relationship with God and includes helpful habits and approaches to prayer that enable us to return to a childlike faith.

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