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Preaching and Preachers (Deluxe, 40th Anniversary Edition)

Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn

A lifetime of pastoral knowledge and experience, from one of the great preachers of the 20th Century, distilled into book form. Motivating and challenging, this is a tremendous gift to every minister of God’s word. The 40th Anniversary Edition includes reflective essays by Tim Keller, Kevin DeYoung, Bryan Chapell and more.

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For over 30 years, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones ministered at Westminster Chapel in London. Today, he is widely considered one of the greatest preachers of the 20th century. Based on a series of lectures originally given by Lloyd-Jones to the students of Westminster Theological Seminary in 1969, this collection of essays on the essence of powerful preaching has become a modern classic.

Lloyd-Jones defends the primacy of preaching, showing that there is no substitute, and he challenges preachers to take their calling seriously: “The most urgent need in the Christian Church today is true preaching.”

This 40th anniversary edition includes the original text of Preaching and Preachers with the addition of sub-headings and discussion questions to aid the reader. In addition, this anniversary edition includes essays by:

  • Bryan Chapell
  • Mark Dever
  • Kevin DeYoung
  • Ligon Duncan
  • Timothy Keller
  • John Piper

Each essay reflects on the impact that this book and/or the ministry of Lloyd-Jones had on their preaching.

Includes a Foreword by R. T. Kendall

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