A Treatise on True Theology with the Life of Franciscus Junius
A Treatise on True Theology with the Life of Franciscus Junius
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  • 300 Pages
  • Publisher : Reformation Heritage Books
  • Publication Date : October 2014

A Treatise on True Theology with the Life of Franciscus Junius

Junius, Franciscus

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Publisher's Description

Junius’s Treatise on True Theology is a scholastic introduction to the discipline of theology. He reflects on the definition of theology, where it comes from, and the variety of modes it takes. This book set a lasting pattern for many Reformed theologians in their approach to dogmatics, establishing a benchmark for theological prolegomena for years to come. Accompanying this work is The Life of Franciscus Junius, which provides an autobiographical account of the tumultuous days of Junius’s life and the complex circumstances that the Reformed churches faced during the French and Spanish wars of religion.

Although Junius’s significance in the history of Protestant theology is increasingly valued by historians, most of his impressive body of works is not available to English–speaking readers. David C. Noe’s fine translation of these two important writings will certainly rectify this deficit. Readers are further aided by Willem van Asselt’s valuable introductory essay, which offers a scholarly perspective on the treatise and on Junius’s life and work in the context of the rise of Reformed scholasticism and orthodoxy.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Translator’s Preface

  • The Life of Franciscus Junius
  • Preface
  • The Life of Franciscus Junius
  • The Death of Master Franciscus Junius

  • A Treatise on True Theology
  • Preface
  • Thirty–Nine Theses Are Demonstrated in this Treatise
  1. Whether True Theology Exists
  2. What Theology Is
  3. How Many Parts Theology Contains
  4. Archetypal Theology
  5. What Ectypal Theology Is, and in How Many Parts It Consists
  6. The Theology of Union in Christ
  7. The Theology of Vision in the Heavens
  8. The Theology of Revelation in This Life
  9. In How Many Parts the Mode of Communicating Theology Exists
  10. Natural Theology
  11. Supernatural Theology
  12. What Theology Stated Absolutely Is
  13. The Material Cause of Our Theology
  14. The Formal Cause of Our Theology
  15. The Efficient Cause of Our Theology
  16. The End of Our Theology
  17. Theology in the Subject
  18. The Conclusion of the Work