An Invitation to Academic Studies (Faithful Learning)
An Invitation to Academic Studies (Faithful Learning)
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  • 40 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : July 2014

An Invitation to Academic Studies (Faithful Learning)

Green, Jay

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Christians agree that our faith should inform and shape our learning. But have we ever considered the ways that academic study could cultivate and nourish our faith? When Christian education elevates theology and philosophy at the expense of other disciplines, we miss vital opportunities to explore how those disciplines can help us understand God’s kingdom. Jay Green believes academic study is something to be not just endured, but embraced for its potential in studying God’s world. He explores the church’s relationship with the academy, and different approaches Christians have proposed to it, before proposing an approach of his own to help us not ignore or flee from scholarly study, but use it for God.

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The Faithful Learning series is a collection of introductory booklets that lay out a case for the value of studying the traditional academic disciplines in traditional ways. While much has been made of the impact of faith on scholarship, less time has been spent thinking about the impact of scholarship on faith. This series is designed to encourage rising college students as well as Christian graduate students, secondary school teachers, and professors to embrace the value of studying the academic disciplines as a way of deepening a love for God and neighbor.