Biblical Manhood (Good Book Guides)
Biblical Manhood (Good Book Guides)
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  • 72 Pages
  • Publisher : Good Book Company
  • Publication Date : February 2014

Biblical Manhood (Good Book Guides)

Allberry, Sam; Bewes, Anthony

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What makes a real man? There are no shortage of role models on offer: the dedicated Dad or the party-hard guy: the cut-throat businessman or the sensitive husband; the competitive athlete or the contemplative shy type; the reckless adventurer or the around the house handy man.

This set of Bible studies, aims to unpack the answers the Bible gives to the question of identity that men face today. We will learn our God-given role in creation, how that has been ruined by the fall. And we will discover how we can start to be restored through the man above all men – Jesus Christ. Some things that emerge will be controversial in our culture, even in some of our churches. This course doesn’t set out to be politically correct but faithful to God’s counter-cultural word.