Business Ethics Today: Foundations
Business Ethics Today: Foundations
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  • 372 Pages
  • Publisher : Westminster Seminary Press
  • Publication Date : February 2011

Business Ethics Today: Foundations

Clements, Philip J. (Editor); Lillback, Peter A.

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Business Ethics Today: Foundations is an anthology produced from a Business Ethics Conference which took place in June, 2010. Underlying the Conference and this text is the belief that the Protestant Reformation created a culture for business that is fundamental to the commercial world as we know it today. As a society moves away from the acceptance of Christianity, the principles arising from this culture are at risk.

Foundations enables a reflection on the core beliefs as articulated in the Westminster Confession of Faith and their impact on doing business. Men like Peter Lillback, Chuck Colson, Wayne Grudem, and Philip Ryken have each written chapters engaging in these important discussions in Business Ethics. With these men and many others, Foundations is a must read for anyone passionate about doing business in God's world.