Chemistry (Faithful Learning)
Chemistry (Faithful Learning)
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  • 56 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : May 2016

Chemistry (Faithful Learning)

Zuidema, Daniel R.

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Publisher's Description

God has given human beings many different gifts and talents. What if your talents and interests lie in the field of chemistry? As a Christian, you may feel that studies in chemistry are valid only if you are planning to use them as part of an overtly Christian career. But this view leaves a lot out of the picture.

Our creator God speaks in the language of chemistry. Recognizing this, Christian chemists bring a powerful, necessary worldview to this discipline. Step by step, Daniel Zuidema guides you in cementing this worldview as the foundation for excellent, God-glorifying work in a fascinating field of science. Engage with chemistry in a way that helps others, serves the church, and shows profound appreciation for God’s created order.