Christian: Take Heart!
Christian: Take Heart!
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  • 176 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : August 1987

Christian: Take Heart!

Wells, Tom

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Publisher's Description

How easily and frequently many Christians become discouraged! Yet, as Tom Wells shows, even more alarming is the reason why some Christians are so depressed in their discipleship. The teaching they have received about the Christian life has been sadly mistaken!

Christian: Take Heart! is an antidote to bring healing to the lives of Christians impaired by wrong-headed teaching. But it is also Tom Wells’ confession: ‘I too have been a thief. I have stolen God’s Word from his people’. His exposition of biblical teaching is all the more relevant because written out of a background of personal experience of its misinterpretation. Its chapters on assurance, abiding in Christ, defeat, God’s work in our lives, perseverance and security will encourage both healthy thinking and healthy living in the lives of God’s people.