The Christian: Following Christ as Lord
The Christian: Following Christ as Lord
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  • 160 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : February 1991

The Christian: Following Christ as Lord

Webster, William

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Publisher's Description

The name ‘Christian’ (Christ’s one) has been used of the followers of Jesus Christ since the earliest years of the church. But what is a Christian? Amazingly, while multitudes of people throughout the world claim to be Christians, many have very confused ideas about what a Christian really is.

In The Christian, William A. Webster turns to the teaching of Jesus himself and to the documents of the New Testament to answer the basic, but vital question: ‘What is a Christian?’ Rather than ask his question of church leaders, or theologians, or media commentators, he adopts a deceptively simple approach, but one which is so obviously the correct one: he takes us back to the original sources of the Christian faith. There he shows us answers which make for illuminating and gripping reading.