Christianity & Liberalism: Legacy Edition
Christianity & Liberalism: Legacy Edition
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  • 296 Pages
  • Publisher : Westminster Seminary Press
  • Publication Date : May 2019

Christianity & Liberalism: Legacy Edition

J. Gresham Machen

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Long heralded as a “classic defense of orthodox Christianity,” Christianity and Liberalism has had a profound influence in the church since its publication in 1923. With precision, insight, and a palpable devotion to the Christ of scripture, Machen alerted the church to the critical distinction between real faith in biblical truth and the devastating deterioration of that faith in the tenets of liberal theology.

This Legacy Edition of Christianity and Liberalism was specially produced to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Westminster Theological Seminary, the seminary J. Gresham Machen founded in 1929. Accompanying the text are 18 new essays by the current faculty of Westminster. These essays discuss the history of the book and the seminary, and the impact of Machen’s thought on apologetics, hermeneutics, preaching and more.

J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937) was a professor at Princeton Seminary. He founded Westminster Seminary in 1929, and led the formation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1936. His books include Christianity & Liberalism, The Christian View of Man and The Person of Christ.