Craftsmen: Christ-Centered Proverbs for Men
Craftsmen: Christ-Centered Proverbs for Men
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  • 159 Pages
  • Publisher : Shepherd Press
  • Publication Date : December 2005

Craftsmen: Christ-Centered Proverbs for Men

Crotts, John

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The craftsman can take a stack of wood and produce a beautiful piece of furniture. He not only possesses intellectual abilities to follow a blueprint or step-by-step instructions, but he is also an artist. His hands manipulate the wood into beautiful shapes. His eyes anticipate the right cuts and movements. His workmanship causes others to wonder at his skill.

Such craftsmanship has an application for all men. While not every men may be able to create the products of a master cabinet maker, each man is responsible to create his life with equal skill. Every area of a Christian man’s life must be molded by the wisdom of God. His words, his work, his relationships, and even the way he uses his resources must flow from a heart gripped by the character of God. Such a heartbeat for God’s glory will practically result in a life skillfully lived.

Craftsmen is designed to help men understand wisdom, to see Jesus Christ as the embodiment and source of wisdom, and to apply that wisdom to the god-given roles of husband and father.